About Us

The Dollyrots are a punk rock band but their albums are very pop. Kelly is sugar sweet but mischievous and might sucker punch you if you’re dumb enough to try her patience. She likes to do girl things like grow plants and sew up her t-shirts and crochet and make strawberry cakes. But she also likes to play her basses til they are sprinkled with blood and drives sooo fast she’s not allowed behind the wheel. She loves Irish punk rock, girl groups, and anything off the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack. Then there is Luis…. Luis is mysterious. And very smart. He is one of those guys who you meet and think maybe you’d join his cult. He likes good Brit punk, music of the early 90’s because it’s honest and don’t forget Chuck Berry and Patsy Cline. Together they’ve been making music over half their lives. And now…. they’re parents too!

The Dollyrots have released 5 studio albums, a live album and several singles and EPs through the Lookout, Blackheart, and Brando record labels and are currently working on a NEW studio album through PledgeMusic. Their music has earned them song placements, commercials, and acting stints in film & TV including Disney/Pixar’s Brave, Kohls, Hewlett-Packard, and CSI:NY among others. The band has logged hundreds of thousands of miles across North America touring constantly since 2003, cultivating a rabidly loyal fan base while headlining and playing one-off shows in the US & UK alongside Bowling For Soup, Buzzcocks, and Joan Jett, Black Flag, The Muffs, Paramore, The Donnas, The Breeders, and The Go-Gos.