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"Because I'm Awesome" CD


Our second full-length album, featuring the title track and a cover of Melanie Safka's "Brand New Key"!
"If you loved their debut album (and you did), then you'll love Because I'm Awesome at least as much -- in part because of the ironic whimsy of the title track, in part because of the scorched-earth political patter song "A Desperate S.O.S.," in part because of the absolute crunchy perfection of "17," and in part because of the band's exhilarating appropriation of Melanie's 1970 bubblegum classic "Brand New Key." - Allmusic Guide

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Track listing:
"Because I'm Awesome" — 3:20
"My Best Friend's Hot" — 3:09
"Out of L.A." — 3:13
"Brand New Key" — 2:52
"Hysteria" — 3:00
"A Desperate S.O.S." — 2:55
"Watch Me Go (Kissed Me, Killed Me)" — 3:10
"This Crush" — 3:36
"Cat Calling" — 3:09
"17" — 2:36
"Nobody Wants U" — 3:51
"Turn You Down" — 3:08
"Tummy Tum Tum" — 2:42

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